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Conference 2023

MIL Campus

The new MIL Campus is served by the Blue and Orange metro lines, two commuter train stations and several bus lines.

The cycling infrastructure is under development and allow to join the existing network.


Logistical Information

Public Transport



WiFi Service

Logistical Information

MIL Campus - 1375 Avenue Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux, Montréal, QC H2V 0B3

When you arrive at Campus MIL, walk to the main lobby, entering through the main door of Hall B.
In the lobby you will find our desk, where you can pick up your badge.
Also in the main lobby, breakfast will be provided from 8 to 9 am.

A person will be present all day in the main lobby to welcome you and possibly guide you to the classrooms where the panels will be held.

In case of need, please contact:
    Luca Sollai +1 (514) 661-0406
    Gabriella Lodi + 1 (514) 267-1795

Public Transport

The MIL campus is accessible by the Blue line of the metro. Nearby bus lines also provide access to the Orange line. The Canora and Parc stations provide a connection to the commuter train.


In the spring season, the best way to get around Montreal is by bicycle. The city has a good network of cycle paths, the nineteenth most extensive in the world.

BIXI it is a concept of bicycle sharing, with traditional and also electric bicycles. Throughout the city there are stations where you can take and leave bicycles at very low cost.

Here the website for further information:


The best choice is to find a hotel near one of the stations on the blue or orange lines, so you can reach the campus via metro or bus.

You can use the following sites to find an accommodation:

Here some hotel suggestions :


For eating, close to the MIL campus there are several options located mainly on two streets: Rue Jean-Talon (between Boulevard de L'Acadie and Avenue Bloomfield) and Avenue Van Horne (between Avenue McEachran and Rue Hutchinson).

Other restaurants are located on Rue Bernard.

Here’s some suggestions:

Bakeries, Coffee shops and Takeout


*Please, verify opening hours of the coffee shops and restaurants before visiting

Wi-Fi service on Campus MIL

Université de Montréal has WiFi throughout both campuses, Campus de la Montagne and Campus MIL.

Eduroam is also available. Eduroam is the secure Wi-Fi service for the global research and higher education community. If you’re a higher ed student or member of its faculty or staff, you can seamlessly connect to eduroam while visiting other participating institutions just as you would at your home campus.

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