Gala Dinner and Tours

Gala Dinner, Ficulle: Tenuta Vitalonga - 48

maximum 75 participants 


Add Free Saturday Evening "passeggiata" 

Ficulle (optional, only for those who are coming to dinner) will take place on Saturday evening in the town of Ficulle, just before the gala dinner. This tour is free, courtesy of the Comune di Ficulle, and organized by the Assessore alla Cultura Francesca Barbini. Our Tour guide will be Elisa Graziani. You can read more about Ficulle here

Dinner registrations are now closed. The maximum number of participants has been reached. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list. Please keep in mind that being on the waiting list does not guarantee that a spot will open up, but we will contact you in case there are any cancellations. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you in Orvieto!

Orvieto Above Ground: a tour of the most important religious/secular sites in town. Cost: 10 (does not include entrances) 

Sunday at 15:00 (minimum 10/maximum 25 participants)


This tour is not being offered.

Art and Religion in Orvieto: a tour of the most important religious sites, including the Duomo di Orvieto. Cost: € 20 including entrance to sites.

Thursday at 11:00 (2:30h) (minimum 10/maximum 25 participants)


Orvieto Underground: visit to the underground city and the Pozzo di San Patrizio. Cost: 25 including entrance to sites. 

Thursday at 10:00 (2:30h) (minimum 10/maximum 25 participants) 


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