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09 Aug 2016 2:46 PM | Lucilla Bonavita

Cari tutti,

I'm delighted to announce the publication of the following book:

LUCILLA BONAVITA, Luigi Pirandello and Orazio Costa: The Unpublished Works of Archivio Costa in the Experience of Piccolo Teatro di Roma (1948-1954), Roma, Edicampus, 2016.

The book, in addition to offering a contribution to the studies about Pirandello, proposes a reading of the "stage fact" through a documentary and philological route constituted of unpublished material that winds within the notebooks jealously guarded by the Master since 1938 until his death, and now preserved in the Costa Archive in Florence. Founder of Piccolo Teatro di Roma (1948-1954), Orazio Costa brings to the stage the plays written by Pirandello during that time: through a transcoding process of the literary texts of Six Characters in Search of an Author and Right You Are (If You Think So), we are witnessing a new dramatic writing that, while remaining philologically faithful to Pirandello's text, increases its poetic potential.

Dott.ssa Lucilla Bonavita,

PhD in Italian Studies 

at the Universities of Rome "Tor Vergata"-Toronto, Warsaw.

For more information visit the following url:


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