Editorial Policies

Article Submissions:

Articles submitted for publication in the journal should not exceed thirty typewritten pages, double spaced, they should follow the MLA Style sheet (7th edition).

Formatting notes –differences from MLA

1. Use “In” between title of essay and title of volume

Iovino, Serenella. “Ecocriticism and a Non-Anthropocentric Humanism: Reflections on Local Natures and Global Responsibilities.” In Local Natures, Global Responsibilities. Ecocritical Perspectives on the New English Literatures. Ed. Laurenz Volkmann, Nancy Grimm, Ines Detmers e Katrin Thomson. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2010.  29-53.

2. If quoting an essay in a single-authored collection, repeat last name and comma before title of volume, e.g.:

Di Gesù, Matteo. “Luigi Malerba, lo sperimentalismo ed il Postmoderno.” In Di Gesù, La tradizione del postmoderno: studi di letteratura italiana. Milano: Angeli, 2003. 50-64.

3. Use MLA abbreviation with following exceptions:

A cura di (NOT a c. di)

when following the title (cf. Iovino example above), Ed. is always singular because it stands for edited by. On the contrary, it is plural (eds.) when it follows the name of the editors at the beginning of an entry.

Submit as email attachment (as a Word document) to the Editor, Prof. Sandra Parmegiani, at: sparmegi@uoguelph.ca

  Pour la mise en forme, il faut suivre les normes prescrites par le « New MLA Style Sheet », sans dépasser 30 pages dactylographiées à double interligne.

Les articles doivent être envoyés au Directeur de la revue, Prof. Sandra Parmegiani, par courriel, en fichier joint, à l’adresse suivante:

Book Reviews:

 Books for review should be sent to the Book Review Editor:     Les livres pour comptes rendus doivent être envoyés à la responsable de la   rubrique des livres:


Prof. Alberto Zambanedetti, Quaderni d’italianistica

Department of Italian Studies / Cinema Studies Institute

University of Toronto, Carr Hall, Room 209

100 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C4

(416) 926-1300 — ext.3364



Prof. Piero Garofalo, Quaderni d'Italianistica

Professor of Italian Studies

University of New Hampshire

321 Murkland Hall Durham, NH 03824

(603) 862-3522


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