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Book Release of Pigeon Soup & Other Stories

27 Sep 2021 1:08 PM | Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli

I am pleased to share the news of the publication of my latest book, 

Pigeon Soup & Other Stories (Inanna Publications, 2021). 

The characters in this collection are embroiled in situations that test their limits with each other, outsiders, and themselves. They are navigating relationships and grappling with issues of translocation, language and identity, religion and culture, and food. These stories portray some of the dark places that the characters inhabit physically, emotionally, or metaphorically, with surprising twists that sometimes provide a flicker—or even a bright beam—of hope.

"An exquisitely crafted, engaging and lively collection of novellePigeon Soup & Other Stories, similarly to the sumptuous Mediterranean dishes seductively garnishing its pages, serves us a reading to be savoured, much like anything that is fine in life. Woven into a realist framework of old-country customs and new-world expectations, the narrative’s interlacing strands of solid plot, sound psychological character study, and language and identity issues deploy an intense literary glow that caresses our sensibilities. Refreshingly innovative, too, the other side of the coin: the stories are not exclusive to one culture. And so, having enjoyed Nonna’s “comforting bowl” of free-run unadulterated pigeon soup we find ourselves invited across the street (that is, the page) to a  "delicious bowl of Lipton’s chicken soup. " Ah, the joys of a pleasurable text, as Barthes would say."

—GABRIEL NICCOLI, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo, and editor of Ricordi: Racconti di vite oltreoceano and Patterns of Nostos in Italian Canadian Narratives

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