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Teresa G. Russo

13 Feb 2013 6:20 PM | Anonymous
Teresa G. Russo edited Recognition and Modes of Knowledge: Anagnorisis from Antiquity to Contemporary Theory (2013) with University Alberta Press. The volume focuses on Aristotle's theory of Anagnorisis, or recognition, and traces the theory through various historical periods and disciplines. To date, no one has attempted a comprehensive discussion of recognition across disciplines, places, and historical periods. Recognition and Modes of Knowledge is the culmination of an interdisciplinary conference on recognition with contributions from international authorities including Rachel Adelman, Piero Boitani, Harry Fox (leBeit Yoreh), Rhiannon Graybill, Roland Le Huenen, Rosa Mucignat, Joseph Ring, Teresa G. Russo, Jenna Sunkenberg, Christina Tarnopolsky, Kevin Frederick Vaughan, Jeffrey Neil Weiner, and Naomi A. Weiss.
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