Comparative Literature for the New Century edited by Joseph Pivato

26 Feb 2019 7:40 PM | Joseph Pivato

Joseph Pivato co-edited this new book in Comparative Literature with Giulia De Gasperi.

The title suggests new directions for the academic study of literatures with a focus on the

use of several languages. Some chapters deal with Italian-Canadian authors such as Mary

di Michele, F.G. Paci, Genni Gunn, Antonio D'Alfonso, Caterina Edwards, Gianna Patriarca,

Dore Michelutt and several others. The contributors include Linda Hutcheon, Deborah Saidero,

Maria Cristina Seccia, Anna Pia De Luca, Gaetano Rando, George Elliott Clarke and Pivato.

Comparative Literature for the New Century is published by McGill-Queen's U.P., 2018.

Pivato, a member of CAIS since 1975, has published 10 other books with Guernica Editions

on Italian-Canadian writers.

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